1. List of Heavy Snow Cases

This page collects satellite images related to very strong extratropical cyclones with the strength of a typhoon, and especially in winter when those cyclones cause heavy snow in Japan. In those cases, we often hear expressions like "an (extra-tropical) cyclone of typhoon strength" and you can see the difference between an extratropical cyclone and a typhoon (tropical cyclone) at The Typhoon Is Changed to the Extratropical Cyclone.

  1. February 2005, Hokuriku (2005-02-01)
  2. January 2004, Tohoku and Hokuriku (2004-01-22)
  3. January 2004, Hokkaido (2004-01-15)

2. AMeDAS Heavy Snow Data

As shown in AMeDAS statistics, some of the AMeDAS stations also observe data about snow. The following is the list of data related to snowfall.

  1. Raking of Maximum Snow Depth for AMeDAS stations
  2. List of AMeDAS Stations (Snow Cover)

3. Heavy Snow Disaster Database

Weather Disaster Database archives disaster data related to heavy snow.