Station Number 17960
Prefecture Hokkaido (Abashiri Subprefecture) [ Local Portal ]
Location 北海道紋別市小向 紋別航空気象観測所 (MOMBETSU SHI, HOKKAIDO)
Months of Observations 0
Number of Observations 0
Period of Observations
Period Name Lat. Long. Height Anemometer
2008/12/01 -- 0000/00/00 44.303N 143.403E 18m --
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Neighbor Stations
Number Name Distance Azimuth
17116 MOMBETSUKOMUKAI (Hokkaido) 0.00km 0deg.
17111 MOMBETSU (Hokkaido) 6.04km 320deg.
17112 MOMBETSU (Hokkaido) 6.04km 320deg.
17904 MOMBETSU (Hokkaido) 6.04km 320deg.
17211 KAMIMOBETSU (Hokkaido) 13.99km 202deg.
17166 YUBETSU (Hokkaido) 19.87km 120deg.
17306 ENGARU (Hokkaido) 29.86km 158deg.
17910 ENGARU (Hokkaido) 29.86km 158deg.
17076 OKOPPE (Hokkaido) 29.95km 308deg.

Statistics for the Whole Period