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Introduction to Kitamoto Laboratory

Image Information Processing

Kitamoto Laboratory focuses on the "image" data, and studies various methodologies for the better handling of image data. That is, we try to establish framework for solving problems of image analysis, image databases and image retrieval based on the theory of databases and probabilistic models. We, in addition, extend our research from the viewpoint of image information processing into other disciplines such as earth science information, cultural information and biological information, and it is our aim to discover new areas of research through these kinds of transdisciplinary research.

Taking Advantage of Massive Data

Thanks to the development of sensor technology and the decrease of cost for archiving and retrieving data, in recent years, massive amount of data is generated and used everyday in various academic disciplines. Research in the future depends heavily on how to use these huge-scale databases effectively. This motivates us to study new methodologies for the series of steps from the construction of databases to searching and mining from databases in various disciplines such as earth science, biology, and humanities.


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Photo Sharing

Accounts for sharing images.

  • Image Information Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Image Database
  • Image Retrieval
  • Probasilistic Information Processing
  • Large-Scale Real-World Databases
  • Data Mining
  • Remote Sensing
  • Earth Environment Information Processing
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Digital Earth
  • Meteo-informatics
  • Bio-informatics
  • Simulation
  • Visualization
  • Digital Archives
  • Participatory Media


Graduate Students

KITAMOTO Laboratory can accept graduate students (Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai)) who are willing to do research with us. If you are interested in related topics, such as image-related research in a broad sense, or if you want to play with real scientific data to discover and solve unknown phenomena, please feel free to contact me. Graduate students can be also accepted as internship students.