Temporary Maintenance

Description of the Maintenance

"Digital Typhoon" and its related Websites will stop the update of information for the following period due to the upgrade of the system.

Websites will be accessible as usual, but the information on the Websites may not be the latest one, so please be careful when using the information.

The receipt of information at Typhoon Front and at related Websites is likely to be normal, but they might stop due to some unexpected reasons.

Current Status

The upgrade of the system has almost finished, but we encountered some troubles during the maintenance, and the throughput of the system is currently smaller than before. This may result in a little delay on the update of information. We are trying to solve this problem as early as possible, but the final solution may take one or two weeks.

Because of the delay of maintenance and some troubles, the update of information has been on-and-off until around 05:00 JST of August 8. I am sorry for inconvenience during the approach of Typhoon MORAKOT.