Release of 'Isewan Typhoon Storm Tide Database' and 'Vertical Typhoon'

Today we officially released two websites as follows.

Isewan Typhoon Storm Tide Database

This website provides the summary of data on storm tide caused by Isewan Typhoon that devastated the coast of Ise Bay (Isewan) in 1959, and is released on the 50th anniversary of the disaster. In particular, this website digitized the report published by Jan Meteorological Agency in 1961 and aerial photographs just after the disaster so that they can be browsed as overlay on the current map.

In "Digital Typhoon," this website plays a role of digging historical data and reviving them, and at this point this website is new in this project. This website will also be used in the event Isewan Typhoon Memories 2009 that will be held in Tokyo on September 12 and Nagoya on September 23.

Vertical Typhoon

This website provides hoizontal and vertical sections of typhoons generated from GPV data (GSM and MSM) by Japan Meteorological Agency. As everybody knows, a typhoon takes a spiral shape if you see from above, but how a typhoon looks like if you cut a typhoon to the vertical direction? Probably not so many people have seen this picture before. This website aims at understanding the 3D structure of the typhoon by browsing vertical sections and horizontal sections of a typhoon as you like.

This website has close relationship with "Digital Typhoon" and satellite images of "Digital Typhoon" and GPV images of "Vertical Typhoon" visualize almost the same area of the earth. This website covers all typhoons since 2002.


These websites are supported by a grant from Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center, Research Organization of Information and Systems.