Epistemic Virtues in the Age of AI, Open Science, and Digital Humanities

How may epistemic virtues change in the age of AI (artificial intelligence) and open science, and how does it affect digital humanities research? Following empirical, theoretical, and computational science, we are now seeing the development of the fourth paradigm of science, data-driven science, where open science accelerates the development and usage of AI models in many applications. How can we rethink epistemology in the age where machines become assistants, partners, or co-pilots for humans to co-produce knowledge? As a case study, I will introduce our activities in the ROIS-DS Center for Open Data in the Humanities (CODH) to illustrate how data-driven approaches play an essential role in knowledge production in digital humanities research.


Asanobu KITAMOTO, "Epistemic Virtues in the Age of AI, Open Science, and Digital Humanities", Workshop on the Integrative Potential of Epistemic Virtues for the Digital Humanities, 2023年1月 (招待) (in English)



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