Digital Typhoon TV: Toward Real-time Emergency Information Platform

World Wide Web became one of the most important platforms for providing emergency information with explosive increase in volume and variety. At the same time, however, this also means the increase of information overload for users, and even relevant information on the website is not always accessed by users as a result. To solve this problem, we need to redesign the information platform so that it automatically recommends relevant information under the context of each user. We propose that this can be achieved by incorporating the metaphor of television into the website in order to push relevant information to a user. Our project, "Digital Typhoon TV," aims at automating the process of collection, fragmentation, recombination and visualization of information to create a real-time push-based media. This media will be developed based on the achievement of "Digital Typhoon" project, which is the database of more than 160,000 typhoon images from the archive of 30 years of geostationary meteorological satellite images in combination with meteorological observation data, mass media news articles, and social media entries. This presentation briefly describes many components of "Digital Typhoon," and demonstrates future directions of the project.


Asanobu KITAMOTO, "Digital Typhoon TV: Toward Real-time Emergency Information Platform", 3rd International Conference on Geoinformation Technology for Natural Disaster Management & Rehabilitation (GIT4NDM), 2010年10月 (招待) (in English)



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