Digitization of Rare Books and Documents

The lecture introduces basic concepts and techniques for the digitization of cultural artifacts with a specific focus on rare books and documents. They consist of the integral part of cultural heritage, and their digitization has value for both preservation and presentation. For preservation, the accurate reproduction of original artifacts is an important goal, and various input devices are being used with an appropriate selection for the type of artifacts. For presentation, on the other hand, the database of digital cultural resources becomes an important procedure, together with the design of interface and visualization. In the future, digital cultural resources will be the public asset of humankind, and they will be widely used by people over the network for educational, cultural, and social activities.

This lecture gives background knowledge and also practical knowledge for digitization. Background knowledge includes ideas originating in informatics, while practical knowledge includes short demonstrations of real software packages to give ideas on how software can be used. Additional practices may be planned depending on the schedule.

  1. Introduction
  2. Input Devices
  3. Image Processing and Color Management
  4. Metadata and Annotation
  5. Database Systems
  6. World Wide Web and Case Studies
  7. Future Direction


Asanobu KITAMOTO, "Digitization of Rare Books and Documents", JSPS Asian Science Seminar (JASS04): Advanced Digital Technology-Assisted Cultural Archive and Preservation Along the Maritime Silk Roads, 2004年7月 (in English)