Station Number 88076
Prefecture Kagoshima [ Local Portal ]
Months of Observations 3
Number of Observations 2,184
Period of Observations
Period Name Lat. Long. Height Anemometer
1974/11/01 -- 1976/03/31 KOHARUNO 32.083N 130.513E 540m 0.0m
Past Heavy Rain Data AMeDAS heavy rain
Typhoon History
Neighbor Stations
Number Name Distance Azimuth
88081 OKUCHI (Kagoshima) 11.48km 110deg.
88066 IZUMI (Kagoshima) 15.24km 274deg.
86451 MINAMATA (Kumamoto) 16.82km 323deg.
86511 ICHIRIYAMA (Kumamoto) 17.66km 42deg.
88101 SHIBISAN (Kagoshima) 17.91km 230deg.
88107 SATSUMAKASHIWABARU (Kagoshima) 19.21km 196deg.
88106 MIYANOJO (Kagoshima) 19.68km 196deg.
88086 UONOGOE (Kagoshima) 19.76km 107deg.
86466 IKUSAYAMA (Kumamoto) 20.32km 76deg.
86461 ISSHOCHI (Kumamoto) 21.86km 34deg.
88161 YADOMEDAKE (Kagoshima) 25.86km 170deg.
86467 HITOYOSHI (Kumamoto) 27.24km 56deg.
87301 KAKUTO (Miyazaki) 28.33km 98deg.

Statistics for the Whole Period


Missing observations (2,184 / 100.00%)