1. Pictorial Collection of Meteorological Satellite 'Himawari'

Meteorological satellite Himawari 8 / Himawari-9 are next generation meteorological satellites providing earth observation data with revolutionary features such as high resolution, high frequency, and many bands (especially true color). Among "weather big data" of satellite images, we created the pictorial collection of meteorological satellite 'Himawari' by cropping and collecting the images related to disasters, having characteristic cloud patterns, or showing beauty.

Weather Satellite 'Himawari' Clipping can be used to browse Himawari-8 / Himawari-9 high resolution images. In addition, Weather Satellite 'Himawari' Gallery is also available only for static images.

Collaborator: Weather Caster Network

2. Application of IIIF

This pictorial is created using IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework). Based on proposed APIs Curation API, Timeline API, and Cursor API, and the standard Image API, we developed IIIF Curation Viewer.