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Question3: Definition of Storm Wind Direction and Gale Wind Direction

Thank you for organizing this website, which helps a lot on my projects. I would like to know what are the definitions of storm wind direction and gale wind direction, as both of them are presented in a small integer rather than degree.

Johnny (2012-07-24)

Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, these codes are difficult to understand without explanations.

Firstly, "wind direction" means Thank you for your information. This storm, Typhoon KALMAEGI, became a typhoon on July 15, 06 UTC, which is a little later than your notification. But as of your writing, this typhoon might be a tropical depression, which is a little weaker than a typhoon (or a tropical storm in the international standard).

This website shows information when a tropical cyclone reached a tropical storm intensity, which is the maximum wind of 34 knots or more. Some websites, however, starts to show tropical cyclone information when the intensity of the storm is a tropical depression intensity. This is the reason for the delayed appearance of a tropical cyclone on this website than other websites. A tropical cyclone appearing on other websites may not appear on this website as long as it does not reach a tropical storm intensity.

The current policy explained above, however, may be changed in the future so that we also show tropical cyclone information starting from a tropical depression, because this policy is more useful for early warning. This is left for future work.

Asanobu KITAMOTO (2008-07-19)
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List of Comments and Questions

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