1. Heavy Rains in Northern Kyushu Region (July 2017)

This page summarizes weather data related to heavy rains in Northern Kyushu Region on July 2017.

Radar Imagery

Real-time weather radar images are cropped for the region of heavy rains, and make them available as time-series images.

  1. Radar Imagery (Zoom 8)
  2. MP4 Animation
  3. GIF Animation

The images below illustrates the spatial distribution of radar observations from JST 09, July 4, 2017. These observation values, however, were not calibrated by ground-based observations, so it may not be accurate as the absolute value. It should be used as relative values illustrating spatial distribution.

10-min radar cumulative precipitation (mm) 10-min radar maximum precipitation (mm)
Cumulative precipitation Maximum precipitation

Disaster Information