1. OpenSearch Plugin

We started to provide an OpenSearch Plugin. Please add "Digital Typhoon" into the search bar on Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 7 browsers. If you input typhoon names into the searchbox, you can search typhoons easily in "Digital Typhoon."

This page supports OpenSearch AutoDiscovery, and you can also install the plugin by clicking the following link.

This plugin offers typhoon search by keywords with numbers or international names in the same way as Search by Name for Typhoon Sequences, but please note that it is not a full-text search engine of "Digital Typhoon" Website. Also note that cyclones around Australia cannot be search directly from this interface, because I suppose most of the search queries would be on typhoons in the Western North Pacific.

OpenSearch plugins can only be used on relatively new browsers such as Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7. Old browsers may not offer this functionality, or may be incompatible with this OpenSearch format, so please upgrade your browsers to new ones if you would like to use this tool.