1. Typhoon Information

We are interested in using "microblog (miniblog)" for the dissemination and aggregation of typhoon information. For this purpose, we selected Twitter as an example of a microblogging service, and started an experiment using Twitter.

For your information, we also have a Facebook version.

(Notice: September 14, 2009) Due to the specification of the hashtag, a hyphen '-' within the typhoon name breaks the hashtag. So we decided to replace a hyphen with an underbar '_' within the typhoon name.

RSS Feed of Twitter : RSS 2.0

2. AMeDAS Event Detection Information

Information on heavy rains, automatically detected at AMeDAS Event Detection, is provided from Twitter. At this moment, those services are available in Japanese only.

RSS Feed of Twitter : RSS 2.0

3. Futtekitter

Futtekitter is a website for collecting and analyzing information from Twitter on something fallen from the sky, such as "snow" an "rain," and extracting placenames automatically for visualizing them on the map. Accounts above are based on observations based on Japan Meteorological Agency, but this account is based on social observations based on information collected from Twitter. This website is only available in Japanese.

4. JMA Disaster Information

Weather Risk Watch collects and analyzes disaster information from Japan Meteorlogical Agency. The following account tweets critical information among others. This website is only available in Japanese.

5. Information on Fukushima Daiichi Severe Accident

Due to East Japan Great Earthquake in March 2011, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant caused the severe accident. To provide information on the diffusion of radioactive materials from Fukushima Daiichi, the following accounts are now active.