1. Three Largest Typhoons in the Era of Showa

Japan is a country that has been suffering from numerous typhoons for its long history, but we especially call three typhoons that gave a significant impact as "three largest typhoons in the era of Showa." The damage caused by these typhoons was so huge as summarized as follows (according to Rika Nenpyo, Heisei 17 edition, published by Maruzen).

Death Missing Injured Houses Inundation Fishing Boats Farmland Damaged Area
Muroto Typhoon 2702 334 14994 92740 401157 27594 -- Kyushu - Tohoku (esp. Osaka)
Makurazaki Typhoon 2473 1283 2452 89839 273888 -- 128403 Western Japan (esp. Hiroshima)
Isewan Typhoon 4697 401 38921 833965 363611 7576 210859 All (except for Kyushu)

2. Typhoon Disasters in the Past

3. Is Japan Really Well-Prepared for Typhoons?