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Improvement1: Southern Hemisphere

I am from Australia and I have book marked your site because it is useful, informative and a pleasure to use. However, I would like it if you could report on and comment about cyclones that happen in the southern hemisphere around our longitude. As you know, we get plenty of cyclones around the top end of Australia (some severe ones) during your non-typhoon season.

Marshall Ryan (2008-04-23)

Thank you for your opinion. Yes, it would be nice if I could report cyclones in your country. As you may have noticed, I actually tried to report cyclones in Australia, and I will list some of them as follows.

At the time of Cyclone INGRID, I tried to collect information from many websites, many of which were in Australia such as Bureau of Meteorology. But this is a little bit hard for me, because I don't know much about Australia, most importantly, in terms of the availability of (real-time) data. This is why I don't try to report cyclones in Australia so often.

I can say that this may be a future task. If this system will be extended to a world-wide tropical cyclone database, then I need to start reports on cyclones in other basins. In this case, however, I need more time, and probably more persons in charge. At this moment, this website is totally run by me, a single person in charge.

A final remark is about "non-typhoon season" as you mentioned. Frankly speaking, this is exactly the season I take a rest, so do not disturb :-) Well, I am not taking a rest in reality, but working on the improvement of the system, and the implementation of new functionality. This is another reason why I cannot pay enough attention to cyclones. I hope you can find similar websites in Australia for the moment!

Asanobu KITAMOTO (2008-04-23)
List of Comments and Questions Tropical Cyc... >

List of Comments and Questions

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