1. Meteorological Satellite Imagery

Between July 12, 2004 and July 14, 2004, torrential rain in Niigata Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture brought about extensive flooding and landslides. Severely damaged areas in particular are Sanjo city, Mitsuke city, Nagaoka city, and Nakanosima town in Niigata Prefecture.

The following animations are created from meteorological satellite images (Infrared image : channel 1) overlayed on the Blue Marble data. The scale is 1600 km in width and 1200km in height. The center of the image is located around Tochio city, Niigata Prefecture, (N37.5, E139.0). The occurrence of "tapering clouds" with its tip around the south of Niigata is clearly visible.

2004-07-12 00:00 JST -- 2004-07-14 11:00 JST

In July 16, tapering clouds once again brought torrential rain in Niigata Prefecture. And July 17 afternoon, this area is still under tense situation with the approach of huge cumulonimbus clouds that bring torrential rain once again. On July 18, the rainy bands moved southward to Fukui Prefecture, which brought extensive floodings along the river.

2004-07-16 00:00 JST -- 2004-07-18 18:00 JST

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