1. Himawari-8 Clipping

Himawari-8 hybrid color images can be clipped for any parts of images, and can be shared in the gallery with a title. A rectangle on the left side of the image should be clicked to draw the clipping area by the rectangle. The scroll bar on the image can change the time for a few days before and after the day. When you would like to change the date more, you can use the calendar appearing in the right-most box.

The clipped images can be exhibited at Himawari-8 Gallery or be shared on social networking services (SNS). For example, you can see Digital Typhoon at Pinterest.

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2. Technical Information

This service uses an open source server and viewer compatible with IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework). IIIF is a framework mainly developed by libraries and museums for browsing digitized cultural heritage images, but the framework can be applied to any types of high resolution images. In the case of Himawari-8, an image is as large as 11,000 pixels by 11,000 pixels, and the archive already stores more than 50,000 images in one year's operation. This kind of large image archive can be browsed smoothly using tools developed for IIIF.

In terms of the tools used, the server uses IIPImage Server and the viewer uses a Leaflet's plugin, Leaflet IIIF. For your information, we are now developing another tool called IIIF Curation Viewer, which is a new IIIF-based image viewer using the same libraries, but not used in this website.