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1. Typhoon Information

Please be well prepared for the typhoon by checking the latest typhoon information. This site provides typhoon information at Typhoon News Weblog, but you should check the official information from Japan Meteorological Agency. Typhoon information from other countries than Japan is also summarized in Typhoon Information (JMA and JTWC)

2. Best Track Data

Typhoons, or hurricanes, are one of the most significant meteorological phenomena on the earth, so meteorological agencies worldwide has been compiling a record in every few hours on the geographical location, central prssure, and maximum wind of the typhoon. This record is called the "best track," and there are a few WWW sites where best track data are available.

3. Knowledge about the Typhoon

Many websites provide the brief introduction of the typhoon, and the following lists, by any means not complete, some of those sites.

4. Typhoon Related Information

Here we introduce Websites that provide satellite images or other observation data related to typhoons, the database of typhoon-related information, and the database of meteorological satellite images.

5. Disaster Information

The following are sites related to disaster information related to the typhoon.

6. Record of Typhoon Disasters

Those sites summarize the historical record of typhoon disasters or the personal experience of typhoons.

7. Realtime Typhoon Report

Those sites give a "lively" report on the strike of typhoons, especially given by those people living in the area of frequent typhoon attacks. Please also refer to Typhoon Front and Eyes on the Typhoon, which are related sites of this site.

8. Typhoon Image Gallery

Sites collecting and providing typhoon or hurricane images.

9. Academic Sites

Sites providing more academic information about typhoons.

10. Information Needs for Typhoon

Sites below describe user's information needs for typhoon information.

11. Typhoon Information and Education

These sites describes best practices to use typhoon information for educational purposes.

12. Other Typhoon Related Sites

Other interesting sites related to typhoons are summarized below.

13. Tornado

Interesting sites related to tornadoes.