1. Media RSS Feed (RSS 2.0)

We have been providing RSS/RDF Feed (RSS 1.0) and Atom Feed, but we decided to add Media RSS Feed (RSS 2.0).

Digital Typhoon Media RSS Feed (RSS 2.0): QR Code http://agora.ex.nii.ac.jp/digital-typhoon/mrss/en.xml (English)

  1. An item element for the latest meteorological satellite image is always provided to show the most recent observation.
  2. New item elements are added upon the birth of new typhoons, so these item elements can be used for checking the presence of typhoons.
  3. A sample Media RSS feed when typhoons are active.

To display Media RSS feeds on your web pages, another option is to use a web widget (blog parts) Typhoon Visual Report. This widget is only available in Japanese, however.

The latest information is also distributed from Twitter.