1. Typhoon News Weblog 2022

"Typhoon News Weblog" is a specialized blog that aims to summarize various typhoon-related information such as narattives, meteorological references such as satellite images, links to other web sites, and the meaning of typhoon names. At the same time, automatic summarization of mass media news are also provided at Typhoon News Topics. And meteorological satellite images introduced in the weblog are listed in Typhoon Wallpaper Images.

Typhoon 202202 (MEGI) 2022-04-10
Typooon MEGI was formed in east of Philippines. It is forecast to move east and away from Philippines. [More..]
Typhoon 202201 (MALAKAS) 2022-04-08
Typhoon MALAKAS was formed in Caroline Islands. It is forecast to move north with steady intensification. For your information, the formation of the first typhoon at this time of year is not so early...[More..]