Real-time weather radar images (Echo Intensity) are shown on Google Maps. Current motion of rain clouds can be checked by zooming in or out, which is useful as a disaster information tool about rainfall and snowfall. The update of images is every five minutes, and images in the last 7 days can be switched to display.
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Radar Images (Last 7 Days)

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(Notice) If the animation of clouds is not smooth enough, please try the latest browsers. Motion becomes smoother after reading images once and storing into the cache. When a typhoon is in the image, you can track the position of the typhoon.

Color Legend of Radar Images

The following shows the color legend of radar images.

Precipitation, Radar Echo Intensity (Unit: milimeter / hour)

-0 0-1 1-2 2-4 4-8 8-12 12-16 16-24 24-32 32-40 40-48 48-56 56-64 64-80 80-

Radar Echo Height (Unit: kilometer)

-0 0-2 2-4 4-6 6-8 8-10 10-12 12-14 14-

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