1. Regional Magnified Images

Regional magnified satellite images of the current and the past are provided for the following regions. Satellite images of the globe can be browsed from the top page.

  1. Around Japan
  2. Western North Pacific
  3. South East Asia
  4. Oceania
  5. Northern Indian Ocean (Special)

2. Google Earth KML

The following KML files for "Static Image" are provided for viewing the latest regional magnified images on Google Earth. On the other hand, the "Animation" KML files take advantage of the time scale (time line) functionality to see the movie of the latest 24 hour images, so these can be viewed only on the latest Google Earth 4.

  1. Around Japan || Static Image KML / Animation KML
  2. Western North Pacific || Static Image KML / Animation KML
  3. South East Asia || Static Image KML / Animation KML
  4. Oceania || Static Image KML / Animation KML
  5. Northern Indian Ocean (Special) || Static Image KML

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