1. Latest Meteorological Satellite Imagery: Northern Indian Ocean

This page provides satellite images around South East Asia to South Asia, including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka.

Infrared 1 Infrared 2
Latest Image : Infrared 1 Latest Image : Infrared 2
Infrared 3 Infrared 4
Latest Image : Infrared 3 Latest Image : Infrared 4

2. Cyclones (Tropical Cyclones)

In the northern Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, cyclones give large impacts on India and Bangladesh. Information about cyclones can be found on the following page.

3. About Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

This page was originally started as a response to Indian Ocean Earthquake. On December 26 2004 at 00:58:53 UTC, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake caused devastating tsunamis exceeding the height of 30 meters at maximum, which resulted in nearly 300,000 people who are either killed or missing, and a few million people are now suffering from the disasters of an unprecedented scale. Furthermore, tsunami-affected areas are more vulnerable to natural hazards than before, and it is concerned that heavy rainfall and cyclones may cause another disaster. This situation motivated me to start a special page that provides meteorological satellite images of the northern Indian Ocean area for the monitoring of weather in this area.

Meteorological satellite images in this page is an infrared (gray-scale) satellite image observed by GOES-9, which is then overlayed on Blue Marble data provided by NASA. We should be aware, however, that the area of South East Asia, India and Sri Lanka is very close to the boundary of GOES-9 imagery, hence the effective resolution is much coarser than the central area. The most suitable meteorological satellite of this area is METEOSAT-5, which is located at 63E above the equator.