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Typhoon 202217 (KULAP)
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As detailed forecast information than typhoon track forecast using JMA disaster information, the map visualizes the change of forecasts by fixing the forecast time. The color of markers on the track starts from yellow for analysis, and takes gray scale for the forecast lead time from black (shorter) to white (longer), and a right click of a marker does not show the infowindow, so you can see circles easier. A probability circle surrounding a marker indicates that the center will be observed within the circle with 70% probability, but pleaase note that this track information is based on real-time data, and the reanalyzed track information is available at best track data. You can also refer to History of Typhoon Forecasts (Fixed Base Time), and History of Typhoon Forecasts (Forecast Error). See Forecast Accuracy (Forecast Circle, Forecast Error) for the list of forecast error.

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