1. Weather Warnings and Advisories

Weather warnings and advisories are issued when a significant disaster is expected to occur due to weather events such as heavy rains and strong winds. These types of information is issued from Japan Meteorological Agency.

It has been pointed out, however, that weather warnings and advisories are not enough to make a special announcement for extraordinary catastrophes asking people to take immediate actions to save their lives. Therefore, since August 30, 2013, Japan Meteorological Agency decided to make emergency warning with higher criteria for warning. Typhoon emergency warning is defined as follows.

A typhoon or a extratropical cyclone with less than 930hPa central pressure, or 50m/s maximum sustained wind is expected to strike lands. In Okinawa, Amami and Ogasawara, a typhoon with less than 910hPa central pressure, or 60m/s maximum sustained wind.

Comparing to the intensity of typhoons, the target of an emergency warning roughly corresponds to the class of "violent typhoon."

2. Weather Forecast and Typhoon Forecast

We provide typhoon forecast circles of Japan Meteorological Agency in the following pages.

Other typhoon forecast and weather forecast in general should be obtained from Japan Meteorological Agency and other websites.

For your information, general information about meteorological prediction is briefly summarized at Prediction of Meteorological Phenomena.