1. Arctic White Night 2016

Himawari-8 satellite, which started its operation on July 7, 2015, has shown many scenes that humankind witnessed for the first time, and white night is one of them.

Hence we focused on the night of summer solstice 2016 and cropped the Arctic region from the original image of Himawari-8 RGB hybrid images to create a movie. Please enjoy the fantastic scenery by the midnight sun illuminating the ground even at midnight.

Movie of Arctic White Night 2016 (1600x1200)

Clicking the following image will start the movie (MP4). YouTube is also available, but the movie on this page has higher quality.

An island in the center bottom is Sakhalin, and Siberia is extended in north. North Pole is a little back at the top of the circle.

June 20 06:00 UTC to June 21 00:00 UT, 2016

June 21 06:00 UTC to June 22 00:00 UTC, 2016

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