1. Summary

Research on similarity-based image retrieval based on the hierarchical model of image content elements.

2. Content-based Image Retrieval Based on the Hierarchical Model of Image Content Elements

Layer Content Elements Algorithms
5. Semantics Layer Parameters representing the semantics of the image or kansei (subjectivity, feeling) models of users evolutionary algorithms
4. Relation Layer Content elements representing relationship between regions Hierarchical attributed relational graph (image representation model)
3. Region Layer Content elements representing shape features or structural features of a region Shape decomposition (Representation of complex shape)
2. Pixel (Atom) Layer Class or label assigned through pixel-based classification / segmentation techniques Statistical pattern recognition
1. Observation Layer Image array obtained from the observation of the real world through sensors with the application of basic image correction techniques Satellite sensors, geometric correction

3. Demonstrations

  1. Digital Typhoon
  2. Digital Typhoon: Similarity-Based Image Search
  3. Digital Archive of Toyo Bunko Rare Books : SImilarity-Based Image Retrieval

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