Real-time Typhoon Disaster Information

Typhoon 201925 (FENGSHEN)
Imagery Trigger Change Damage
  • strong wind
  • thunderstorm
  • storm surge
  • swell
  • disaster
HMW819111718 | (N25.0, E158.0) :: 1004hPa :: 0kt
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Typhoon 201926 (KALMAEGI)
Imagery Trigger Change Damage
  • strong wind
  • thunderstorm
  • storm surge
  • swell
  • disaster
HMW819111800 | (N17.6, E123.5) :: 996hPa :: 45kt
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Real-time Meteorological Information

AMeRAS (AMeDAS Ranking Service)

AMeDAS data from Japan Meteorological Agency are displayed in real-time for historical ranking and all-AMeDAS ranking.

AMeDAS Event Detection

Detecting events of heavy rains and strong winds that may happen once in two years or less using AMeRAS.

Clustering of AMeDAS Heavy Rain Cases

Clustering heavy rains in Japan based on the proximity of space and time.

Weather Radar Images

Real-time weather radar images (Echo Intensity) on Google Maps.

JMA Disaster Information

Various types of disaster information issued by Japan Meteorological Agency (only in Japanese).

Typhoon Disaster Databases

Weather Disaster Database

Database of weather anomalies and disasters related to typhoons and tropical depressions, or heavy rains and strong winds. These reports are extracted from Weather Anomalies and Disasters Data provided by Japan Meteorological Agency. After 2010, another experimental database is provided.

Typhoon Damage Database

A database for the numerical comparison of the damage and the scale of typhoon diasters based on the data on Rika Nenpyo.

Typhoon Landfall and Passage Database in Japan

Databases of typhoon landfall and passage records on Japan based on Japan Meteorological Agency and other data such as best track. The best track version has more frequent updates, while the full version has longer coverage.

Typhoon Intensity Indices Database

A database of typhoon intensity indices based on maximum wind, such as Wind Flux, Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE), Power Dissipation Index (PDI). (since 1977).

Typhoon Impact Index Database

A database for the numerical comparison of typhoon impacts based on the heavy rains and strong winds derived from AMeDAS data.

Search by Metadata

When you would like to view disaster information after searching typhoons, please visit Search by Metadata, and move to the "single sequence view" page from the list of typhoons, then move to "disaster information" in the "related information" section. Or you can alsso search from the list of typhoons by the year below.
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1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980
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1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
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Last Updated: 2019-11-18 03:32 (UTC)

Number of Typhoons

This year = 26 (Best Track) (Forecast Track)Average = 24.2 (1951-2010)Today's Typhoon Active Map (November 18)

Latest Satellite Image

Latest Satellite Image


Typhoon disaster information provided on this site is provided for research purposes, and not for assisting life-and-death decision making. We strongly recommend you to check the latest typhoon information, weather forecast, advisories and warnings from clearly defined sources such as "Japan Meteorological Agency: Typhoon Information" and other sites.


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