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Research topic pages, and the awards page also show related publications. Presentations at NII Open House can be accessed at Open House.

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  1. Downloadable papers are here provided for personal use only.
  2. Downloadable papers are not meant to be the perfect reproduction of the original copy.

2. Appearances

The following is the list of appearances on media such as newspapers, television, magazines, and books.

  1. Closeup 2008: Myanmar Disaster Became Huge - Hitting Low-lying Areas, Not Well Prepared, THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS, p. 3, Morning Edition, May 10, 2008. (related)
  2. NHK News 7, Cyclone SIDR, NHK, November 19, 2007. (related)
  3. Yahoo! Internet Guide, Best Web Guide, November 2007. (related, related)
  4. Mainichi Weekly, Arg-e Bam: Heritage reclaimed from rubble, THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS, September 15, 2007. (related)
  5. Jounetsu Tairiku "MURA Koichi (fisherman)," Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc., September 2, 2007. (related)
  6. PC Japan "Google Earth Super Techniques," Softbank Creative, September, 2007. (related)
  7. Nikkei Pasocon, Using Digital Maps, June 11, 2007. (related)
  8. TBS Next Door, "Himawari fields will save the earth!? A dream bio fuel will run the bus!," May 6, 2007. (related)
  9. TBS News Bird "Dr. Tsukio, Equations of the Earth", "The world of visualization", Jan 29, 2007. (related)
  10. Science ZERO: "The Danger of Tidal Flat," NHK, June 17, 2006. (related)
  11. "Google Earth", Nihon Keizai Shimbun NetNAVI, May 22, 2006. (related)
  12. Kei Shiratori, Google Earth Manual, Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing, Mar 2006. (related)
  13. Yasukuni Notomi, iPod Fan Book Deluxe, Mainichi Communications, December 2005. (related)
  14. "Using Data Mining from Meteorological Data to Weather Forecasting", Weather Business Today, No. 122, November 20, 2005. (related)
  15. "Asian Names of Typhoons Still Unfamiliar", Nihon Keizai Shimbun, September 28, 2005. (related)
  16. "New Method for Typhoon Forecast", Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, September 15, 2005. (related)
  17. Gakken Mook Science: "Natural Disasters Will Attack You," Gakken, April 2005. (related)
  18. Science Channel: "For the Future of Humans and the Earth," Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) (Planned), March 2005. (related)
  19. Wonders of Nature of the Earth: "Black Bear Returned to the Forest of Ashio Copper Mine," NHK, February 28, 2005. (related)
  20. "Capturing Unknown World - Hunting Amazing Shots," Nippon Television (NTV), January 9, 2005. (related)
  21. "Silkroads from Space", Nishi Nippon Shimbun, December 1, 2004. (related)
  22. Space 2004 "One Month Since the Typhoon Disaster -- 10 Years After the Earthquake", Sun TV, November 28, 2004. (related)
  23. Close-up Gendai : "The Direct Strike of a Huge Typhoon," NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), November 1, 2004. (related)
  24. Science Zero : "What is the Reason of Unusual Weather? -- Heat Wave and Heavy Rain," NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), September 11, 2004. (related)
  25. "Special Program on World Heritage: Pass the Pride of Human to the Future," NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), July 19, 2004. (related)
  26. "Summer Has Already Come?", The Japan Agricultural News, News Site, p. 12, Morning Edition, June 24, 2004. (related)
  27. "Fighting against Snow, Taking Advantage of Snow", Hokkaido Television (HTB), February 21, 2004. (related)
  28. "Mysteries of the Typhoon Still Unsolved," Yomiuri Shimbun, p. 13, Morning edition, August 31, 2003. (related)

In addition, the number of permissions on images and data for magazines, journals and encyclopedias is about 50 every year. Other lists of appearances can be found in respective websites such as Typhoon Front and CODH News.

3. Support for Exhibitions

The following is a list of cooperations with museums by holding our own exhibitions or providing our data to exhibitions. Please refer to Outreach for exhibitions and demos for myself.

  1. Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre, Multi-touch Round Tables, 2013.
  2. Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum (Special Exhibit "Look Up at The Sky Above Us" -Learn about the Weather and See the Earth!-), 2007
  3. 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, 2nd Exhibition, Directed by SATO Taku, "water", 2007
  4. Handa City Science Museum of Sky(Special Exhibition "Going to Moon!"), 2007
  5. Hachioji City Science Museum for Kids (Science Dome), 2006
  6. Wakayama City Disaster Reduction Center (Theater), 2005
  7. Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution (Special Exhibition), 2005
  8. Higasiyamato City Museum (Planetarium), 2005
  9. Denryokukan (Earth Watching), 2005
  10. Japan Center for Climate Change Actions, 2004

4. Contribution of Data

The following is the list of contributions that we provided our data to activities of projects and organizations.

  1. Live E!
  2. Weather Caster Network
  3. Dagik: Data-showcase system for geoscience in kml

5. Others

  1. Asanobu KITAMOTO, "Open Science to Promote Data-Driven Research: Cases for Humanities and Earth Science", 2nd Home Coming Day of SOKENDAI Dept. of Informatics, 2018年3月.
  2. 北本 朝展, "古いコンテンツを新しいプラットフォームに入れる", デジタルアーカイブ実務者検討会, 2017年12月.
  3. 藤山 秋佐夫, 吉野 諒三, 山下 智志, 越前 功, 北本 朝展, "オープンサイエンスと協働が支える社会・人文学研究の新展開", 文部科学教育通信, No. 422, pp. 22-23, 2017年10月.
  4. 北本 朝展, "「エレクトリカル・ジャパン」の紹介と電力関連データへの要望", 第3回電気事業便覧編集委員会, 2017年10月.
  5. 実世界データ間の隠れた構造を探る - NII Today, No. 70, 2015年12月.
  6. 写真の歴史性 - NII Today, No. 67, 2015年2月.
  7. 「ドラえもん ふしぎのサイエンス」第2号 風力発電LEDライト, 2012年9月. (編集協力)
  8. データの見せ方を工夫し分かりにくさを解決する - NII Today, No. 53, 2011年8月.
  9. 東日本大震災で研究者の真価が問われている, NII Today, No. 52, 2011年6月.
  10. ROMAN-TEC COLUMN, ROMAN-TEC TODAY(道路の保全と防災), 道路保全技術センター, 2007年1月〜2007年9月.