1. Summary

Research on digital archives includes wide range of topics such as data acquisition, organization, search, publication, and utilization. The target of research ranges from cultural heritage data to earth environmental data, and includes emergent and improvisational archives under crisis. In addition, we also work on Digital Humanities to establish methodologies for making digital archives of humanistic data.

2. Digital Silk Roads Project

The goal of the "Digital Silk Roads" Project is to propose a new approach to the preservation and utilization of cultural heritage originating in Silk Roads and other areas through the combination of information technology and cultural research and the provision of information infrastructure. This is an international project that consists of researchers from several countries. Specific research topics of the project is diverse, but I, in particular, focus on the following topics.

  1. "Digital archive" of cultural resources aims at preserving digital cultural resources forever by digitization, and improving accessibility to digital cultural resources with a uniform architecture.
  2. To realize the digital archive, we first create the database of metadata about the translation, annotation, and analysis of digital image archive.
  3. Those metadata are not only static but also dynamic in the sense that anyone can add new information any time through the portal site of this digital image archive. That added information will be updated in the database instantly, so the frame of knowledge about cultural heritage will expand through the collaborative work of many people.
  4. The searching functionality of the database is one of the key component of this project. The goal is to support researcher's professional work by the similarity-based retrieval of data, the summarization of data, and the comparison of data from the viewpoint of geography, history, and so on.
  5. With the help of multilingual processing and Web technology, we aim to provide this information world-wide.

3. Demonstrations and Related Sites

4. Disaster Archives

The target of digital archives is not only limited to cultural heritage. If we pay attention to the fact that a museum is sometimes called as "memory institution," memory may be the most important target to keep for future generations. In this sense, "disaster" is also a very important target due to its huge impact on human society.

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6. Related Metadata

The following is the collection of metadata standards related to the digital archive.