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"Typhoon News Weblog" is a specialized blog that aims to summarize various typhoon-related information such as narattives, meteorological references such as satellite images, links to other web sites, and the meaning of typhoon names. At the same time, automatic summarization of mass media news are also provided at Typhoon News Topics. And meteorological satellite images introduced in the weblog are listed in Typhoon Wallpaper Images.

Summary of Typhoons in 2008 2008-12-27
The 2008 typhoon season had 22 typhoons, which is a smaller number than average, and this season was even less active than the 2007 typhoon season. Because many typhoons did not turn north and move w...[More..]
Typhoon 200822 (DOLPHIN) 2008-12-12
Typhoon DOLPHIN was formed in Mariana Islands. It is a small typhoon, but is forecast to intensify as it moves to west. [More..]
Typhoon 200821 (NOUL) 2008-11-16
Typhoon NOUL was formed in South China Sea. This typhoon is forecast to intensify little, but may affect the south of Vietnam and the south of Thailand. [More..]
Typhoon 200820 (HAISHEN) 2008-11-16
Typhoon HAISHEN was formed in west of Minamitorishima. It is expected to become an extratropical cyclone without further intensification. [More..]
Typhoon 200819 (MAYSAK) 2008-11-07
Typhoon MAYSAK was formed in South China Sea. It is a small typhoon at this moment, and is expected to move westward in South China Sea without considerable intensification. [More..]
Typhoon 200818 (BAVI) 2008-10-19
Typhoon BAVI was formed near Ogasawara Islands. This typhoon is already in the process of transforming into an extratropical cyclone, and it is not expected to affect any lands. [More..]
Typhoon 200817 (HIGOS) 2008-09-30
Typhoon HIGOS was formed in east of Philippines. This is located just east of Samar Island, and will move toward Luzon Island over many islands of Philippines. [More..]
Typhoon 200816 (MEKKHALA) 2008-09-29
Typhoon MEKKHALA was formed in South China Sea. This typhoon is not expected to become a strong one, but it is going to hit southern China and Vietnam, which were severely affected by torrential rain...[More..]
Typhoon 200815 (JANGMI) 2008-09-28
Typhoon JANGMI made landfall at Yilan County, Taiwan, on 15:40 local time, and will traverse the central mountains of Taiwan by tomorrow morning. The typhoon has started weakening before making landf...[More..]
Typhoon 200814 (HAGUPIT) 2008-09-29
Typhoon HAGUPIT has caused floodings and landslides in northern Vietnam, and it is reported that 32 people were killed at this moment. On the other hand, economic loss in China has increased for coll...[More..]
Typhoon 200813 (SINLAKU) 2008-09-19
Typhoon SINLAKU passed near Tanegashima, and is moving in south of Kyushu, Shikoku, and Honshu. This typhoon gives larger impacts on rains rather than winds, and it still has very active clouds with ...[More..]
Typhoon 200812 (NURI) 2008-08-20
Typhoon NURI is passing just off the northern tip of Luzon Island, Philippines, and its direction is changing from west to north. This typhoon has thick clouds mainly in the south, so it seems the no...[More..]
Typhoon 200811 (VONGFONG) 2008-08-15
Typhoon VONGFONG was formed in south of Japan. This typhoon was born in the north of 30 degrees, so it is already near Japan. This typhoon is not strong, however, Izu Islands will be affected by this...[More..]
Typhoon 200810 (PHANFONE) 2008-08-10
Typhoon PHANFONE was formed in far east from Japan. The birthplace was more north than 30 degree, so it is forecast to weaken without intensification. [More..]
Typhoon 200809 (KAMMURI) 2008-08-12
Typhoon KAMMURI made landfall at Guangdong Province of China, and weakened to a tropical depression near Hanoi, Vietnam. Due to the rainy clouds of the storm, the damage of heavy rains is extending i...[More..]
Typhoon 200808 (FUNG-WONG) 2008-07-27
Typhoon FUNG-WONG had an imbalanced shape whose clouds were formed in suoth of the center, but now its clouds are surrounding the eye, which indicates intensification. The boundary of the eye is stil...[More..]
Typhoon 200807 (KALMAEGI) 2008-07-18
Typhoon KALMAEGI moved northward including Sakishima Islands into 30kts strong winda area, then made landfall in Taiwan, passing Taipei, and entered East China Sea. This typhoon is forecast to make l...[More..]
Typhoon 200806 (FENGSHEN) 2008-06-22
Typhoon FENGSHEN struck Metro Manila and passed toward north. While extended damage at many places has been reported, it was also reported that a ferry with passengers sank (capsized) off Sibuyan Isl...[More..]
Typhoon 200805 (NAKRI) 2008-06-03
Typhoon NAKRI is passing in the south of Izu Islands. It has already weakened, but the rough sea will continue for a while. Typhoons formed in May showed almost the same tracks to pass the south of I...[More..]
Typhoon 200804 (HALONG) 2008-05-19
Typhoon HALONG was born in South China Sea, and was in the beginning of intensification on the 17th, but soon it reached to the mountainous areas of 2000 meters in the north of Luzon Island, and its ...[More..]
Typhoon 200803 (MATMO) 2008-05-17
Typhoon MATMO will approach to Ogasawara Islands today, but it has already weakened so the impact will be minor. [More..]
Typhoon 200802 (RAMMASUN) 2008-05-12
Typhoon RAMMASUN started to weaken about 20 degrees latitude, and the shape of clouds are getting less organized. By tomorrow morning, Izu Islands, especially in the south, will be hit directly by th...[More..]
Typhoon 200801 (NEOGURI) 2008-04-17
Typhoon NEOGURI changed its direction from west to north on South China Sea, and now moving off the coast of Vietnam. The area of 50kt winds or more is just glancing the coast of Vietnam, but Hainan ...[More..]