Typhoon 200809 (KAMMURI) Typhoon Name = (KAMMURI) : Corona Borealis; crown [Japan]

2008-08-12 21:00 JST

Typhoon KAMMURI made landfall at Guangdong Province of China, and weakened to a tropical depression near Hanoi, Vietnam. Due to the rainy clouds of the storm, the damage of heavy rains is extending in Vietnam; at least 100 people died and 50 people are still missing. In China, moreover, 37 people were killed and 40 people are missing, so the damage of heavy rains is extensive in the northern coast of South China Sea.

2008-08-05 11:30 JST

Typhoon KAMMURI was formed in the north of South China Sea. It is forecast to pass near Hong Kong and move to Guangdong Province of China.

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