Typhoon 200615 (XANGSANE) Typhoon Name = (XANGSANE) : Elephant [Laos]

2006-09-30 22:45 JST

Typhoon XANGSANE is approaching to Vietnam showing well-organized spiral clouds, and, although its intensity has peaked out, it is still a strong typhoon. The forecast track is getting a little north, which means the typhoon will draw near to Da Nang or Hue in the central Vietnam. It is worth noting that Da Nang is a town which saw the tragedy of shipwreck during Typhoon CHANCHU this year. After making landfall, the rainy clouds of the typhoon will move further to Laos and Thailand. In addition, the damage of this typhoon in Philippines has extended to the death toll of 61, with missing people 69.

2006-09-29 23:45 JST

Typhoon XANGSANE has weakened a little while traversing Philippines, but it passed in the south of Metro Manilla, and the death toll reached 48 due to landslides and flashfloods. Because it intensified just before making landfall, information about intensify forecast and intensity estimation once differed from country to country. The typhoon then re-intensified after entering into South China Sea. If it makes landfall at the central Vietnam without weakening, Vietnam will be in danger of another extensive disaster.

2006-09-27 17:15 JST

Typhoon XANGSANE is showing intensification more than expected at the place almost making landfall at the southern part of Luzon Island, Philippines. The forecast says the intensity will not weaken so much traversing Luzon Island, so this typhoon may become a dangerous typhoon for Philippines.

2006-09-26 12:00 JST

Typhoon XANGSANE was formed in east of Philippines. Because the birthplace is near Philippines, it is forecast to make landfall at Philippines.

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