Typhoon 200801 (NEOGURI) Typhoon Name = (NEOGURI) : Raccoon dog [South Korea]

2008-04-17 19:00 JST

Typhoon NEOGURI changed its direction from west to north on South China Sea, and now moving off the coast of Vietnam. The area of 50kt winds or more is just glancing the coast of Vietnam, but Hainan Island in China will be directly hit by typhoon according to forecasts. Speaking about Typhoon No. 1 in South China Sea, it reminds me of Typhoon CHANCHU which caused massive shipwreck accidents. This typhoon is not so intensified as the previous one, but it should be paid much attention because it intensified more than expected at the time of formation. It is hoped that they learn from experiences that they had two years ago.

2008-04-15 17:00 JST

Typhoon NEOGURI was formed in South China Sea. This became typhoon after a tropical depression passed across Philippines. The forecast by Japan Meteorological Agency and others indicate that this typhoon will move toward Vietnam. By the way, how likely that Typhoon No. 1 is formed in South China Sea? The database reveals that this is the 8th in 58 years (14%), which is not so many. Recently Typhoon No. 1 of 2001 was also formed in South China Sea. This list can be obtained by selecting "No. 01" in Search by Typhoon Number for Typhoon Sequences, and show maps at "Draw typhoon birthplaces on the map," and narrow down the list on the map.

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