Typhoon 200911 (KROVANH) Typhoon Name = (KROVANH) : A kind of tree [Cambodia]

2009-08-31 14:30 JST

Typhoon KROVANH is passing Izu Islands. Observations of the passing of the eye can be seen at Hachijyojima (and Yaemigahara), where typhoon has passed the neighborhood around 06:30 JST. Active clouds present in the north of the typhoon are now covering from Izu Islands to Kanto region. The typhoon will give an impact on Kanto region with its track passing near Boso Peninsula or making landfall there.

2009-08-28 22:30 JST

Typhoon KROVANH was formed in west of Minamitorishima. This typhoon is moving northward, but it is forecast to turn northwest, and may draw near to Ogasawara Islands.

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