Typhoon 201121 (WASHI) Typhoon Name = (WASHI) : Aquila; eagle [Japan]

2011-12-17 18:00 JST

Typhoon WASHI traversed Mindanao Island in the south of Philippines from last night to this morning. Disasters in Mindanao is extensive to the death toll of about 180, in addition to about 400 missing people. Heavy rains caused flooding and landslides at many places, so the scale of disaster may be even more extensive. This typhoon is not a strong one, but it is known that the scale of disasters in Philippines are more affected by heavy rains than strong winds, so people should not be relieved by a weak typhoon. Moreover, the time of heavy rainfall, which occurred in late night, might have increased the damage due to delayed notice on the flooding. The typhoon passed the northwest part of Mindanao, the most severely damaged region, around midnight local time.

2011-12-15 16:30 JST

Typhoon WASHI was formed in Caroline Islands. It is forecast to move westward to pass in the south of Philippines. We did not have any typhoons in November, so this is the first typhoon in these two months. If the previous typhoon was the last typhoon of the season, this would be the earlist end of typhoon season in history, but the birth of this typhoon eliminated this possibility.

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