Typhoon 200316 (KOPPU) Typhoon Name = (KOPPU) : Crater; cup [Japan]


The maximum gust of 55.6m/s was recorded at Chichi Island in Ogasawara Archipelago. Typhoons with very strong winds successively passed around Japan recently, since Typhoon 200314 (MAEMI) and Typhoon 200315 (CHOI-WAN).


Typhoon KOPPU was born. This typhoon will move close to Ogasawara, according to the forecasts of Japan Meteorological Agency. This area has not seen any typhoon in this typhoon season, as is apparent from the best track map. Incidentally, the name KOPPU is a Japanese name which means the constellation KOPPU representing a big cup for wine. Its scientific (Latin) name is Crater.


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