Typhoon 201105 (MEARI) Typhoon Name = (MEARI) : Reflection of sound or echo [North Korea]

2011-06-24 12:15 JST

Typhoon MEARI is drawing near to Sakishima Islands. This typhoon is a "large typhoon" having a large gale wind (30-kt) circle, so Sakishima Islands will soon be covered by the gale wind circle. This typhoon is moving with a relatively high speed, so it will come to Sakishima Islands without having time for organizing its cloud system. This type of irregular cloud patterns requires special attention to rainfall before and after the approaching of the typhoon, because heavy rainfall might occur at distant places from the center. Weather radar shows that the northern part of typhoon clouds is already covering Sakishima Islands.

2011-06-22 16:45 JST

Typhoon MEARI was formed in east of Philippines. The birthplace is similar to Typhoon HAIMA, but it is forecast to move toward East China Sea, while the previous typhoon moved to South China Sea. This birthplace is also known for the intensification of the typhoon, but the current typhoon is still not well-organized, with its clouds being scattered away from the center. We need to pay attention on the organization of clouds of this typhoon for future intensification.

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