Typhoon 200702 (YUTU) Typhoon Name = (YUTU) : Rabbit in Chinese story [China]

2007-05-21 19:30 JST

Typhoon YUTU is moving toward Ogasawara Islands. Iwo-Jima has already entered within the 50-kt winds area, and Chichi-Jima will also enter into the 30-kt winds area tonight. This typhoon still keeps stronger intensity than expected, but the typhoon is forecast to move south of the island, so it may not experience the 50-kt wind area. Ogasawara Islands is visited by a strong typhoon since the last powerful one, Typhoon 200614.

2007-05-20 22:00 JST

Typhoon YUTU has intensified into a strong typhoon. It is forecast to pass near Iwo Jima and Ogasawara Idlands from late night tomorrow. For your information, the update of data was delayed today due to the troubles of the network.

2007-05-17 22:15 JST

Typhoon YUTU was formed near Caroline Islands. The typhoon is now passing near Yap Island, and is forecast to move northward over the Pacific ocean where islands are very rare. By the way, this is the first typhoon after JMA adopted a new form of typhoon information on April 18, 2007.

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