Typhoon 200902 (CHAN-HOM) Typhoon Name = (CHAN-HOM) : A kind of tree [Laos]

2009-05-07 19:30 JST

Typhoon CHAN-HOM moved eastward in South China Sea, and is expected to make landfall soon in the northern part of Luzon Island. A part of Luzon Island is now in the 50-kt wind area, and Manila is also within the 30-kt wind area. This typhoon has been developed gradually since its birth, but now it has well-developed clouds in the west and south quadrants about the center, so the northern part and other regions of Luzon will be extensively affected.

2009-05-05 17:30 JST

Typhoon CHAN-HOM is almost stationary off the south-east coast of Vietnam. Comparing the visible imagery below with the visible imagery of Typhoon KUJIRA at the same time in the same size shows that Typhoon CHAN-HOM has much larger spiral clouds. However, in terms of the developments of clouds, Typhoon KUJIRA has well-developed clouds around the center, while clouds are less developed and sparse in Typhoon CHAN-HOM. This resulted in different intensities of two typhoons at this moment.

2009-05-04 01:30 JST

Typhoon CHAN-HOM was formed in South China Sea. This typhoon is now located off the coast of Vietnam, but it is forecast to move eastward and approach Philippines. By the way, this typhoon season suddenly started today with the multiple typhoon formations in the same day after Typhoon KUJIRA.

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