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"Typhoon News Weblog" is a specialized blog that aims to summarize various typhoon-related information such as narattives, meteorological references such as satellite images, links to other web sites, and the meaning of typhoon names. At the same time, automatic summarization of mass media news are also provided at Typhoon News Topics. And meteorological satellite images introduced in the weblog are listed in Typhoon Wallpaper Images.

Summary of Typhoons in 2009 2009-12-30
The 2009 typhoon season had 22 typhoons, which is a smaller number than average, and the same number with the 2008 typhoon season. This year we had the first typhoon in 2 years that made landfall at ...[More..]
Typhoon 200922 (NIDA) 2009-11-26
Typhoon NIDA has passed its peak intensity between last night and this morning. A very small rounded eye indicates extremely strong winds at the center, but it is difficult to keep this intensity for...[More..]
Typhoon 200921 (MIRINAE) 2009-11-02
Typhoon MIRINAE made landfall at central Vietnam. This typhoon is moving toward Cambodia while weakening, and southern Vietnam will also be affected. [More..]
Typhoon 200920 (LUPIT) 2009-10-25
Typhoon LUPIT is located in south of Okinawa, and South West Islands are within the gale wind (30kt) area. Daitojima Area will enter into the storm wind (50kt) area soon. [More..]
Typhoon 200919 (NEPARTAK) 2009-10-09
Typhoon NEPARTAK was formed in Mariana Islands. The forecast says that the typhoon will move toward north. [More..]
Typhoon 200918 (MELOR) 2009-10-08
Typhoon MELOR made landfall at Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture after 5 AM JST. At this moment, some areas from Kinki to Kanto is within the storm wind (>50kt) circle. Rainfall is increasing at ma...[More..]
Typhoon 200917 (PARMA) 2009-10-10
Typhoon PARMA stayed around in the north of Luzon Island for as many as six days, and finally went away from Luzon into South China Sea in the afternoon of October 9. As concerned, however, heavy rai...[More..]
Typhoon 200916 (KETSANA) 2009-10-01
Typhoon KETSANA has brought severe disasters in South East Asia, and the death toll is increasing over time to reach about 400. The specific numbers differ from media to media, but some media say tha...[More..]
Typhoon 200915 (KOPPU) 2009-09-14
Typhoon KOPPU was formed in the north of South China Sea. This typhoon is forecast to move from southern China to Vietnam, which is similar to the recent Typhoon MUJIGAE. [More..]
Typhoon 200914 (CHOI-WAN) 2009-09-19
Typhoon CHOI-WAN is now passing near Ogasawara Islands and the area is within the storm wind circle. Chichijima recorded the maximum gale of 42.9m/s at 14:56 JST. The typhoon has passed the closest p...[More..]
Typhoon 200913 (MUJIGAE) 2009-09-10
Typhoon MUJIGAE was formed in South China Sea. It is forecast to move westward and draw near to Hainan Islands. [More..]
Typhoon 200912 (DUJUAN) 2009-09-08
Typhoon DUJUAN is passing Izu Islands. The environment of this typhoon was not suitable for intensification from the beginning, so it moved north without so much intensification. Its impact seems to ...[More..]
Typhoon 200911 (KROVANH) 2009-08-31
Typhoon KROVANH is passing Izu Islands. Observations of the passing of the eye can be seen at Hachijyojima (and Yaemigahara), where typhoon has passed the neighborhood around 06:30 JST. Active clouds...[More..]
Typhoon 200910 (VAMCO) 2009-08-18
Typhoon VAMCO was formed in Marshall Islands. This typhoon is small in size, but is forecas to intensify. The area that this typhoon was formed, namely Marshall Islands, is known to give birth to maj...[More..]
Typhoon 200909 (ETAU) 2009-08-10
Typhoon ETAU is approaching to Japan, and is forecast to move along the south coast of Honshu. Torrential rains have been observed in Shikoku and Chugoku regions since yesterday, and AMeDAS Event Det...[More..]
Typhoon 200908 (MORAKOT) 2009-08-09
Typhoon MORAKOT is causing extensive disasters in Taiwan. According to Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan, the rainfall from 00 LT of August 6 to 19 LT of August 9 reached 2726mm at Alishan and 2551mm ...[More..]
Typhoon 200907 (GONI) 2009-08-03
Typhoon GONI was formed in the northern area of South China Sea. This is not a strong typhoon at this moment, but is expected to move near Guangdong Province and Hong Kong area. By the way, this typh...[More..]
Typhoon 200906 (MOLAVE) 2009-07-16
Typhoon MOLAVE was formed in east of Philippines. Forecast says that this typhoon will move into South China Sea passing around in the north of Luzon Island. Recently a few typhoons in a row moved in...[More..]
Typhoon 200905 (SOUDELOR) 2009-07-11
Typhoon SOUDELOR was formed in the northern part of South China Sea. This typhoon is located near the land of China, so it is expected to be a short-lived typhoon after approaching Hainan Island or L...[More..]
Typhoon 200904 (NANGKA) 2009-06-23
Typhoon NANGKA was formed in east of Philippines. The typhoon is actually located very near to Samar Island, and is forecast to move across Philippines. The typhoon is not a strong one but with thick...[More..]
Typhoon 200903 (LINFA) 2009-06-21
Typhoon LINFA was first forecast to move eastward, but it later turned to north and is now moving along Taiwan Strait, so it may affect both sides of the Strait. Taiwan Strait is not so wide, and it ...[More..]
Typhoon 200902 (CHAN-HOM) 2009-05-07
Typhoon CHAN-HOM moved eastward in South China Sea, and is expected to make landfall soon in the northern part of Luzon Island. A part of Luzon Island is now in the 50-kt wind area, and Manila is als...[More..]
Typhoon 200901 (KUJIRA) 2009-05-06
Typhoon KUJIRA's peak intensity was observed yesterday, and it is slowly weakening now, but it is forecast to approach to Ogasawara Islands tomorrow morning. [More..]