Typhoon 200921 (MIRINAE) Typhoon Name = (MIRINAE) : Milky way [South Korea]

2009-11-02 21:00 JST

Typhoon MIRINAE made landfall at central Vietnam. This typhoon is moving toward Cambodia while weakening, and southern Vietnam will also be affected.

2009-11-01 01:00 JST

Typhoon MIRINAE made landfall at Quezon Province, Luzon Island, and kept moving westward across Metro Manila and is now located in South China Sea. At least 12 people were killed, some places are submerged, and some infrastructure was damaged. The scale of disaster, however, is expected to be smaller than that of Typhoon KETSANA and Typhoon PARMA, which killed more than 900 people in total. In Philippines, where four typhoons struck one after another within one month, about 100,000 people are still staying in temporary shelters.

2009-10-30 18:30 JST

Typhoon MIRINAE keeps moving west and drawing near to Philippines. The track of this typhoon is straight toward the central Luzon and is different from tracks of complex shape shown by Typhoon PARMA and Typhoon LUPIT. This typhoon is moving on a similar track with Typhoon KETSANA, which caused extensive flooding in Metropolitan Manila one month ago, and both typhoons are also similar in terms of "rainy typhoons" which means that heavy rains caused by thick clouds needs more attention than the intensity of the typhoon. Images below compare clouds of two typhoons.
Typhoon KETSANA : 12 UTC September 26, 2009 (after padding Manila) Typhoon MIRINAE : 06 UTC October 30, 2009 (before making landfall at Luzon)
Typhoon MIRINAE also has thick clouds in the western side of the typhoon, and these clouds may cause heavy rains on Philippines. The comparison of images, however, indicates that the size of the clouds of Typhoon MIRINAE is a little smaller than that of Typhoon KETSANA. However, the approach of this typhoon is just one month after the disaster, and many places in Philippines are still in the middle of recovery, and typhoon warning signal has already been issued for many areas of Philippines.

2009-10-27 18:30 JST

Typhoon MIRINAE was formed in Mariana Islands. This typhoon is forecast to move toward Philippines, following a few typhoons recently.

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