Typhoon 200519 (LONGWANG) Typhoon Name = (LONGWANG) : Dragon king [China]


Typhoon LONGWANG has traversed Taiwan to weaken, and later made landfall at Fujian Province, China. No large-scale damage by the typhoon has been reported at this moment.


Typhoon LONGWAN used to be a tiny typhoon, but it transformed its shape in a half day, and it enlarged its whole cloud system and the eye in the center. The eye of the typhoon is relatively large and clear for the size. At this moment, it settled into a stable state with this shape, so it is expected to keep this intensity for another day or more. According to the forecast, the direct hit to Sakishima Islands may be avoided, but Taiwan will suffer again from the direct strike of another strong typhoon.


Typhoon LONGWANG has hardly shown the sign of enlargement, but it seems to be stable in its size, and the eye has been visible like a pinhole. It looks that it is now more strongly spiralling, so it may become a little larger in the near future. If this typhoon keeps the current westward motion, it will approach Sakishima Islands and Taiwan in a few days.


Typhoon LONGWANG is still a small typhoon, but the clouds got more rounded and spiralled. It is forecast to keep intensification for the moment, and the typhoon gets more powerful when it gets larger.


Typhoon LONGWANG was born in Mariana Islands. It is forecast to move westward for the moment. This makes three typhoons active in the western north Pacific, which means that we are in the middle of the peak season of typhoons. Speaking about the peak season of typhoons, in Japan, today is known to be a unique day in terms of typhoon (landfall). This is because three famous typhoons made landfall at Japan on September 26; namely Toyamaru Typhoon (195415 / MARIE), Kanogawa Typhoon (195822 / IDA), and Isewan Typhoon (195915 / VERA). The list of typhoon damage reveals that these three typhoons are in fact the top three in the ranking of dead or missing people since 1951 -- such huge damage. This typhoon is still tiny just after the birth, and it is difficult to predict the track and intensification of the typhoon at this time of life cycle, but we need to pay attention to the forecast for preparation.


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