Typhoon 201010 (MERANTI) Typhoon Name = (MERANTI) : A type of tree [Malaysia]

2010-09-09 14:45 JST

Typhoon MERANTI was formed in the north of South China Sea. It is now moving north, and it is forecast to make landfall at mainland China after moving along the west coast of Taiwan. The cloud shape of this typhoon seems not to be favorable for intensification, but thick clouds in the south should be watched because it will cause heavy rains. The number of typhoons of this season finally reached two-digit number. Due to the birth of five typhoons in recent ten days, the number of typhoons has been more than the historical minimum. However, it still ranks third in seasons with the least number of typhoons, so this year is still regarded as the least typhoon season. This season is also characterized by 1) more weak typhoons (List of typhoons of this year), 2) no typhoons found in the east of 135E and south of Japan (track chart of this year). This season will keep its unusual state as long as above situation does not change, even if weak typhoons are mass-produced.

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