Typhoon 200407 (MINDULLE) Typhoon Name = (MINDULLE) : Dandelion [North Korea]


Disaster information in Taiwan related to Typhoon MINDULLE is still being updated actively. The number of death and missing amounts to about 30, and it is said that the storm has brought southern Taiwan's worst flooding in 25 years. The central weather bureau said rainfall amounted to as much as 1,500mm over the past three days, which is nearly equal to the yearly rainfall of Tokyo, for example. In mountains, some communities are still stranded, and having so much rainfall over such a steep land as Taiwan, more rainfall in the coming days may cause more floodings and mudslides in this area.


Typhoon MINDULLE struck Philippines and Taiwan with extensive damage. In Philippines, the death and missing rose to more than 40 because of flooding at many places. In Taiwan, the death and missing rose to several people with flooding, landslides, and the disruption of traffic over Taiwan. Later the typhoon made ladfall at Zhejian Province, passed near Shanghai, and then is heading to the Korean Peninsula. However, the most active rainy clouds are distributed in the southeast quadrant of the typhoon, and they are actually heading toward Okinawa, Kyushu, Shikoku and western Japan. If people are relieved just because the typhoon will never make landfall on Japan, this is a situation for the people to pay attention again to heavy rain and other phenomena.


Typhoon MINDULLE is a tough typhoon, and, with its shape ever-changing, it survives after bumping into the land of Taiwan with a row of high mountains. Because its shape became so irregular that it seems they lost the track of the typhoon in the night. You may think that such an irresponsible situation could ever happen, but the comparison of typhoon forecast maps from a few weather organizations illustrate the difference of the typhoon track.
Japan Meteorological Agency (Japan) National Weather Bureau (Taiwan) Joint Typhoon Warning Center (USA)
Typhoon Forecast : Japan Meteorological Agency (Japan) Typhoon Forecast : National Weather Bureau (Taiwan) Typhoon Forecast : Joint Typhoon Warning Center (USA)
After running through northern Taiwan, it moved close to the coast of China, and it is moving along the coast of China. After running through northern Taiwan, it changed its direction, and it is moving in East China Sea. Not running through northern Taiwan, and grazing through eastern Taiwan, it is moving in East China Sea.
This fact indicates that they lost the center of the typhoon, or the difference of "opinions" across countries is significant. At a first glance, it sounds that the decision of the center of the typhoon is an easy task, but in fact that is a hard task to deal with. After daybreak, visible images are available, so the accuracy of the decision of central position will be improved.


Typhoon MINDULLE is weakened compared to its peak intensity, and is still moving slowly between Philippines and Taiwan. Its track forecast has already changed several times, which indicates that this typhoon is very difficult to forecast its track. Assuming the typhoon will follow its current course, Taiwan and Okinawa should be alert on a storm surge and strong winds.


Typhoon MINDULLE intensified as if it is a different typhoon from that a few days ago. It is expected to move slowly, and has already became a strong typhoon, hence Northern Luzon Island and Southern Taiwan may suffer from heavy rains and strong winds for the long period of time.


Typhoon MINDULLE finally started intensification yesterday, and today the typhoon became well mature with the big rounded eye. It seems that the future track is difficult to predict at this moment.


The distribution of clouds of Typhoon MINDULLE seems to be biased. At a first glance, it looks as if the center of the typhoon is at the large cloud cluster, but with a close look, the center is located at the northeast of it. The '+' sign in the image below is the actual center. This typhoon will continue to move westward for the time being, and is forecast to reach the Pacific Ocean off the Philippines.


Typhoon MINDULLE was born in Mariana Islands. It is still a small typhoon at this moment. Anyway, this June has already seen four typhoons including this one. These typhoons have been in existence since June 7 virtually without intervals.


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