Typhoon 200517 (SAOLA) Typhoon Name = (SAOLA) : An animal recently found in Viet Nam [Viet Nam]


Typhoon SAOLA has passed near Hachijo-jima just after 6:00 AM. The maximum gust of 52.7m/s was recorded at Hachijo-jima, the rainfall of 300mm+ was recorded at Mikura-jima, and the southern part of Izu Islands is severely affected by the heavy rains and strong winds of the typhoon.


Typhoon SAOLA is going to hit Hachijo-jima (Izu Islands) directly if it moves along the projected track. The intensity has not been weakened since its peak, and its speed is slow, so the effect will be apparent tomorrow. Tourists to Izu Islands cut their vacation shorter than 3-days holiday, expecting the interruption of traffic for tomorrow.


Since this morning, Himawari-6 satellite has not been in proper operation and we cannot get the latest satellite images on this site. At this moment, Japan Meteorological Agency seems to use substitute satellites (GOES-9) for the analysis of typhons, but we need to pay attention on subsequent news about this trouble. The follow-up news said that the satellite has recovered from the trouble around noon.


Typhoon SAOLA has passed Ogasawara. According to Japan Meteorological Agency, the typhoon is forecast to turn eastward in a near future. The south part of Izu Islands is going to be affected by the typhoon.


Typhoon SAOLA is now moving in south of Ogasawara, and its eye is fairly visible. Ogasawara will later enter into the area of strong winds. By the way, this typhoon is the last one in the list of Asian names of typhoons. From the next typhoon, the second round of the list of Asian names will start again. (supplemental information on relationship between Asian names of typhoons and the number of typhoons)


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