Typhoon 200302 (KUJIRA) Typhoon Name = (KUJIRA) : Cetus; whale [Japan]


The typhoon finally started moving from Taiwan area where the typhoon was wandering around for a few days, and today it reached the area near Japan where the sea surface temperature is still not so hot. Hence the typhoon got weak and changed to a tropical depression, ending its life.


Typhoon 200302 has already got weaken, but it is still active around Taiwan and Sakishima Island regions. And unnoticedly, it became the longest typhoon for the month of April in this region. It still keeps its vortic cloud pattern, so this typhoon may be a "die-hard" one.


The second typhoon of this typhoon season, Typhoon 200302, has developed to an unusually strong typhoon recorded in the mid of April around this region. It is important to check advisories issued by the local meteorological agency.


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