Typhoon 201328 (LEKIMA) Typhoon Name = (LEKIMA) : A kind of tree whose fruit has only one seed surrounded by yellow pulp which looks like yolk [Viet Nam]

2013-10-21 07:00 JST

Typhoon LEKIMA was formed in Marshall Islands. It is forecast to move west-north-west, toward Mariana Islands (Guam). The average number of typhoons per year is about 26 or 27, so the number of typhoons already exceeded the average as soon as October. In recent years, 29 typhoons were recorded in 2004, which is remembered as the largest number of 10 landfalls to Japan, so this year is the most active typhoon season since then. If the number exceeds 29, the next 36 typhoons in 1994, the largest record in the age of satellite observations, and 39 typhoons, the largest record since the start of observations in 1951. In addition, 28 typhoons at the time of October 20 is th 6th largest record, more than 2004, and the second largest after 1994 in the age of satellite observations. There is sign of more typhoon formations, so this number may increase to a historically significant level, although the largest record is still far.

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