Typhoon 200318 (PARMA) Typhoon Name = (PARMA) : Macanese cuisine (ham with liver and mushroom) [Macao]


Typhoon PARMA's track has drawn a gigantic loop over one week. We sometimes see a loop in a typhoon track due to Fujiwara effect or wandering movement, but the loop of this size is unprecedented. This is a rare event in the sense that the northward track then turned into the southward track and came back on the prevailing easterlies with re-development. In spite of this rare event, however, the typhoon forecast of Japan Meteorological Agency was almost correct (As an example, the typhoon forecast by Japan Meteorological Agency on October 27, 2003 at 00:00 UTC).


Typhoon PARMA was born. This typhoon is only about 1000 km away from the previous typhoon, Typhoon KETSANA, so interaction between typhoons may appear. At this moment, however, the forecasts say Typhoon PARMA is expected to move far away from Japan.


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